Emerson College

Emerson College provides adult education and learning that integrates the spiritual social and practical dimension of life and work. The college welcomes students and visitors from all over the world, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of each person, and offers courses that encompass therapeutic education and the arts and land-based studies set within a rich learning environment.  

Our task was to create and implement a social media campaign to increase brand awareness, increase awareness and enrolment to their Mental Health Seminar course specifically and drive enquiries of other courses and build credibility.

Initially, we helped the college establish new social media pages and then set about creating content across 4 social media platforms and several course specific pages.

Amanda explains “Emerson College recognised the importance that social media could play in engaging both with previous students as well as attaching new learners. However, its platforms were under used and had minimal engagement. 

We worked closely with Ellie, from Emerson, to set up new platforms and develop a calendar of content – with the anthroposophic way of thinking at its heart.  

The content we now post has three key objectives: to build brand awareness, add value and engage with Emerson’s community of learners.”

We have seen a 280% rise in Facebook followers and 100% increase in LinkedIn followers, and continue to manage Emerson’s social media, creating and posting a wide variety of content that mixes news, events and the anthroposophic ethos of the college. 

“Marketing with Purpose is a joy to work with. Amanda and Viky, really focus on the individual needs of their clients and provide tailored support. This is a real benefit for charities as it helps make the most of your resources and you feel as though you have a team behind you.” – Ellie Kidson, Communications Manager at Emerson College.

If you are looking for support with developing your charity or social enterprise’s social media then why not get in touch with us, and see how we can help? Email hello@marketingwithpurpose.co.uk to set up a call.

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