Office Odyssey

Office Odyssey is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Epson’s sustainable & reliable Business Inkjet technology.

A social enterprise, its mission is to create opportunities for people on the autistic spectrum and those with other barriers to work while minimising the environmental impact of their clients’ print operations.

Working alongside Agency for Good we were tasked with developing and implementing a marketing strategy to raise awareness, drive traffic to a new website and engage with clients across a range of digital media. 

We devised a tactical plan which incorporated the new website launch combined with social media and email newsletter campaigns. 

Although the social impact of the business is easy to see, one of the key challenges is that print resources are generally purchased / commissioned on a long term contract basis. This means that conversion from potential to actual customer can be over months, if not years and so we needed to engage with potential customers who may not need Office Odyssey’s services now but would in the future.  

We created three key core elements to content: 

The printer crew – to communicate key facts and engage with tech personnel

Eco and sustainability content around waste reduction, cutting carbon footprints and cost reduction  

Highlighting the social impact the business has around the World Health Organisation’s sustainability goals

Working alongside Office Odyssey’s in-house team, who continued to post news based content, we posted content across three platforms to reach the organisation’s target audience of both business and charity leaders and decision makers.  

In addition to organic reach, we delivered a short social media advertising campaign around COP26 and how Office Odyssey works to reduce the carbon footprint for its customers. 

If your organisation has a strong sustainability message and you are looking to engage with a wider audience, why not set up a call and see how Marketing with Purpose can help? 


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